Hints for Picking a Good Removals Service

At Australia All Over Removals, we screen all of our removals partners for basic service standards to help ensure our customers are satisfied. However, every one of us has different moving requirements and expectations. Here we check out how you can ensure that your removals service is the right one for you!

Questions to ask your removalist

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. How big is the truck you'll be using - will all of my things fit in?
  3. If I have a question about my move, who will I speak to?
  4. Are there any circumstances in which additional fees will apply?
  5. How do you label items? Should I label my own boxes and appliances?
  6. Are my goods going straight through on the same truck, or will they be unloaded and re-loaded?
  7. What is the expected delivery date?

What does that date depend upon? When Googling for reviews... It is certainly a recommended practice to check for online reviews of your Australian removalist before you pay for their services. There are a couple of things you should keep in mind, though: Satisfied customers usually don't leave reviews, whereas unsatisfied ones often do. You may get an unbalanced view of the company. Always speak to your removalist first, and trust your instincts!

Australia All Over Removals has taken pains to ensure that the companies you can get a quote from are reliable and respectable. Simply type in your details, and enjoy the ease of moving interstate!

What You SHOULDN'T Pack for Your Removalist

Most Australian removalists will be able to take most of your household goods to wherever you are going. However, there are some items and substances which catch many people out. Across the board, removalists cannot transport quite a few different things. Today we are looking at what you shouldn't pack for your removalist company!

What are hazardous substances? Hazardous substances are sometimes called dangerous goods. Either definition usually includes substances that are any of the following:

  1. Flammable
  2. Explosive
  3. Corrosive
  4. Oxidizing
  5. Radioactive
  6. Asphyxiating
  7. Toxic
  8. Pathogenic
  9. Otherwise biohazardous

Why can’t I pack these things? Most removalist companies will not accept hazardous substances because of the risk to their employees, their property, and other customers' property. It may become hot inside a truck and cause a flammable substance to combust, or an improperly packed or damaged bottle may leak.

Where might I find hazardous substances? Here are some common hazardous substances that removalists will not transport:

  1. LPG or other gas
  2. Fireworks
  3. Other explosives
  4. Petroleum
  5. Drano
  6. Caustic cleaners
  7. Acidic cleaners
  8. Solvents
  9. Firearms
  10. Toxins and poisons (such as insecticides or herbicides) Perfume if the alcohol content is above 70%

Australia All Over Removals deals with companies that have excellent customer service and are always willing to help. Get your removals quote today, and simply note your items of concern in the 'Additional Details' box to help you know which substances can be transported.